Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Developmental Milestones 1 - Ammar Zaid

1 month - 5.8kgs
Social smile - 6 weeks ++
2 months - 7kgs
Able to hold head 45 deg - 2.5 months
Very predictable routine.
Sleep by 8pm, wake up at 12midnight and 3 hourly after that.
Only cranky if hungry or sleepy.

Friday, October 17, 2014


There was once a time when motherhood is merely about how well you disciplined your child despite his emotional development.  There was once a time when it was mainly how neat and tidy you keep the house in order while looking after the children. Or how great your baking is. Or how extraordinarily delicious the dishes you cook.

And maybe that's how you are still conditioned by society to view motherhood as. Perhaps it has always been a part of motherhood, but just a small part.

Time has changed. And right now, now it is about being there and making an amazing impact on your children.

You are the hands that pat the todler off to sleep. You are the hands that rock the baby in the middle of the night while the whole house sleeps. You are the one who makes him smile after a cry even when you feel like crying yourself. You will be the one they call out first when they want to share a story, when they wake up from a bad dream or even when they scrape their knees.

Despite secretly wanting to be somewhere else, you show up, you stop what you're doing, you listen, you care, you nurture and you try your hardest to love unconditionally. 

Yes, you might not know it but your PRESENCE means more than anything else in the world. You will then be, a great mother.

That's what motherhood really is all about.

** A reminder to myself who forgets what being a mother truly is most of the time. May Allah forgive you and me for our weaknesses in raising our children.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

A recount

18/9/14 (38 weeks)

- went for follow up, Dr Fatimah did VE was already 3 to 4 cm dilated,  fully effaced but contractions still irregular
- 2nd sweep done
- was asked to be admitted
- called Ayah around 11am, ask him to come back home
- CTG was reactive so allowed to go back home for a while to pack, hug Abg Anas and informed bibi

- makan puas2 dulu dekat rumah, makan tomyam and roti with nutella and air peach twister haha
Just before menyerah diri, we went to Manjaku and bought a new carseat for adik hehehe sempat lagi tu
- so finally admitted myself around 2.30pm in HPAN
- they did another CTG which was reactive alhamdulillah
- Dr Fatimah gave a leeway to allow labour to progress naturallly until 7m30am tomorrow >> if no progression then we would have to succumb to ARM and augmentation

- SROM! But just trickling. Contractions more frequent but still bearable.
- midwife came to check around 7.30pm, 4cm still but contractions on ctg are regular 6mins apart hence the decision to send down to labour room
- ayah went for maghrib prayers and to buy food so we wait for him then we'll go down ok baby :)

Was send down to labour room at 8pm-ish and stayed there untul morning

7.30 am
- Dr Fatimah came and reviewed, still no strong contractions, started on augmentation of IV pitocin

10 am +
- Still no progression, pitocin was doubled up fast
- Pain was unbearable, finally succumbed to pethidine

Alhamdulillah progressed fast after pethidine. You were out just before Jumaah prayers. ALLAHUAKBAR!

Monday, September 15, 2014

Closing in

Im writing this down so I won't forget what happens/happened.

Ummi have been having frequent contractions since 35 weeks. Was diagnosed to have irritable uterus (frequent contractions without progression and no underlying reasons) which made me very paranoid.

36+3 - Because of the frequent contractions I couldn't really focus on your movements so we went in for a ctg at Annur at 36+3. Alhamdulillah you were ok. I was already at 2cm but still thick.

36+5 - Went in for another ctg because I was worried of your movements and the frequent contractions. This time did it at PPUM. Confirmed uterine irritability by specialist. AFI good 9.8.

37+1 - Follow up with Dr Fatimah and asked her to do a membrane sweep. Still 2cm, soft but effacing. Contractions intensify. Started having show the next day.

37+4 (Monday) - Went in for a ctg. Reactive alhamdulillah. 2cm, anterior, soft, 0.5cm effaced, station very low. Dr Fatimah a bit reluctant to allow me back but I insisted. Have a feeling that it's very close now....

I love you, baby. Can't wait to see you soon! ;)


Friday, August 1, 2014

Notes on my 2nd pregnancy for reference

UPT positive @ 6 weeks.

2 episodes of threatened miscarriage and a bit of spotting earlier in my 2nd trimester - given 2 days MC.

1 admission due to severe AGE to Sunway Medical Centre @ 18 weeks.

Detailed scan in PPUM @ 23 weeks - saw LO's gender another boy!! ;)

Panic attack @ 27 weeks  of reduced fetal movement but apparently it's just LO's personality hopefully calmer that his older brother. Lol.

Another episode of bad AGE @ 31 weeks but this time only severe vomiting overnight for about 10 times. Was better the next morning Alhamdulillah. No admissions.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

A scar to show the world

Anas likes to mumble nowadays. Lol. He's more of an extrovert, loves to smile and laugh and engage with people. The tiring thing is that at the same time he is superactive too.

Yesterday he was running in the house, slipped and hit his head at the edge of the door. And now he has a 2 cm stitch at the back of his. His 2nd monumental scar on the head. The first was on his right forehead just a few months ago.

Anas oh Anas. My superhero! ;)